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L&S Concrete Residential Projects
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much concrete will my job take?

A. To start you can enter the dimensions of your pour in one of our concrete calculators, and it will tell you the yardage you need. You can also give the dimensions to our dispatcher, and he can let you know how much concrete your job will take.

Q. What's the difference between cement and concrete?

A. Cement is a component of concrete. Concrete is basically a mixture of 2 components: aggregates and paste. The paste, comprised of cement and water, binds the aggregates (sand and stone or gravel) into a rocklike mass as the paste hardens due to the chemical reaction of the cement and water.

Q. How can I make my concrete driveway less prone to cracks and other damage from freezing weather?

A. When ordering concrete for your outdoor applications (driveways, patios, etc.), the concrete should be entrained with air, and have properly spaced control joints. Our dispatcher will know the proper dosage for air, and give you a recommended control joint spacing, determined by your slab thickness.

Q. Do you form and finish the concrete?

A. No, we only supply the concrete. You have to hire a contractor to get the forms ready and finish the concrete when it is poured. We can recommend contractors to do this for you upon your request.

Why Choose L&S?

Our courteous, efficient, well-trained personnel are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and a quality product. From your first call, until you are waving goodbye to the truck, you will experience customer satisfaction rarely equaled in the concrete industry.

The Phone is Your Most Important Concrete Tool.

Fast changing New England weather. A member of your crew running late. Last minute quantity changes. Contact with the plant is vital. Please make sure to give us your cell phone number when you call.

“Wow! That Sure is a Big Truck!”

Make certain our trucks have clear access to your pour site. They need at least a 9' width, and a 14' clearance height to avoid tearing down power lines. They are about 30' long, and loud too. Your neighbors won't be sleeping in on the morning of your pour.

“Wow! Look at those ruts!”

A loaded truck can weigh as much as 40 tons. They can destroy your lawn, septic tank and leaching field, sidewalks, and driveway. Make certain that your jobsite can support the truck without damage. We will send someone out to you beforehand to assess any potential problems.

Open on Saturdays April through November.

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